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Clarification on "Additional build time deadline"

Hello :)

For submission, are teams able to continue to work on the app after the project MVP is submitted?

We've read through the full rules page, and it sounds like teams can still work on it (the rules page mentions that "potential winners" can continue), but just want to be 100% sure we're interpreting it right and following the conditions correctly.

Our team will have submission MVP finished by the submission date, but we've got a lot of momentum so would like to continue to work on it. We're basically just looking to find out if we have to set up a separate "frozen" version of the project for the competition or if we can submit the MVP and continue as normal after.

From the rules page for context:

"Potential winners of any regional prize will be allowed to continue building his/her/its Application until 4:59:59 p.m. ET on August 24th, 2018 (“Additional Build Time Deadline”), provided that each potential regional winner that elects to continue working on his/her/its Application during this period must, before the Additional Build Time Deadline, submit an updated Entry that includes the revised Application in accordance with instructions provided by Sponsor or Administrator and/or posted to the Website. Any potential regional winner that updates his/her/its Application during this time, but fails to properly submit an updated Entry prior to the Additional Build Time Deadline will be judged in Phase 2 based on his/her/its original Entry as submitted during the Submission Period."

Cheers and thanks in advance.


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    Hey Chance,

    Good question and I'm happy to see you reading the rules :)

    The software you submit should remain unchanged until the regional winners are announced (on or around Aug. 10th). After we announce the regional winners, you can update it however you'd like. Regional winners can update and resubmit for a chance at the global prizes.

    I'd suggest doing whichever is easier for your team. You can either leave your project untouched until the regional winners are announced (this isn't too long) or you can submit a version to us and then continue building on a separate version.

    Hope that helped!

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    So confused about your response and this:
    Entry Modifications: Prior to the end of the Contest Period, you may save draft versions of your Entry on Devpost to your portfolio before submitting the Entrant Content to the Contest for evaluation. Once the Contest Period has ended, you may not make any changes or alterations to your Entry, but you may continue to update the project in your Devpost portfolio.

  • Manager   •   over 5 years ago

    Hey There,

    You can click on the "Edit Project" button in your portfolio and make changes there at any time. The judges will review a version that was saved at the time of the submission deadline. However, you should not edit the actual software so that if tested, it is the same version you explained and demoed on your submission form. If you have a live bot, the bot should be the same software you explained. Does that make sense?


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    It's more clear now but It was a little contradictory: "You may not make changes" but "You may continue to update".

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