In-Person Build Days

Developer Circles Leads around the world will be hosting in-person Build Days and you should take part! Attend a local event to meet and learn from other developers in your community.

Step 1: Join your local Circle.

Step 2: Don’t see a Build Day in your city and would like to host one, please complete this short application. Check back, new Build Days will continue to be added to the schedule.

City Date
Aba July 24th
Accra June 8th and 9th
Ado-Ekiti May 26th
Akure June 30th
Algiers July 21st
Austin July 8th
Awka July 14th
Bali June 2nd
Bandung July 8th
Bangalore June 16th
Bangkok July 7th
Batam June 23rd
Bauchi May 26th
Beirut July 21st
Berlin June 23rd
Bogota June 30th
Buea June 9th
Buenos Aires June 7th
Calabar July 9th
Cape Town June 2nd
Casablanca May 30th
Coimbatore June 1st
Córdoba July 5th
Dakar June 23rd
Delhi June 30th
Dhaka June 30th
Enugu July 7th
Eldoret June 16th
Faisalabad July 2nd
Gaborone June 23rd
Goa June 23rd
Guadalajara June 1st
Guatemala City June 9th
Gujrat July 5th
Hanoi June 30th
Harare June 16th
Ho Chi Minh June 10th
Ibadan June 23rd
Islamabad July 1st
Jakarta July 7th
Jeddah June 28th
Jimeta June 9th
Jogja July 10th
Johannesburg July 14th
Kaduna June 9th
Kampala June 16th
Kano June 23rd
Karachi July 14th
Kathmandu June 16th
Katsina July 8th
Kebbi July 3rd
Kigali June 23rd
Kimberley June 21st
Kinshasha May 26th
Kochi June 23rd
Kolkata June 10th
Lagos June 2nd
Lusaka May 12th
Maiduguri May 19th
Makurdi June 30th
Malang July 3rd
Manila June 15th
Mexico City May 24th
Minna June 22nd - 23rd
Montgomery New date TBD
Mumbai June 20th
Nairobi June 23rd
Oklahoma City June 15th
Osaka June 24th
Ouagadougou June 23rd
Oxford July 14th & 15th
Port-au-Prince May 12th
Pretoria June 9th
Pune June 2nd
Sacramento July 14th
Santiago May 23rd
Semarang June 24th
Seoul June 22nd
Surabaya June 3rd
Taipei July 7th or 8th
Taraba July 6th
Toronto June 13th
Tunis May 27th
Uyo May 19th
Vienna June 1st
Vellore July 10th
Windhoek June 16th
Yenagoa July 10th