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How to do video for Online & Offline Bridging app?

My App needs the Online & Offline collaboration... So, Do I need to just capture the Screenshot or Just the offline work, or Both?
if both, how much duration I have to allocate for Online and Offline?

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  • Manager   •   over 5 years ago

    Hi! The video should show your software functioning so you can record a screencast of your device (or film on a camera). You can explain how your software can help bridge online and offline communities.

    For example, the Build Days that the Developers Circles hosted bridged our online hackathon with in-person/offline events. They brought the community together in person. This can be explained in the text description and/or by speaking about it on the video. You don't need to split the video half and half.

    Here's our update about making a great video, too: https://devcommunitychallenge.devpost.com/updates/8704-making-a-great-2-minute-submission-video


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