•   over 5 years ago

Submitting app for app review.

Hello, my app uses facebook login with 'managed groups' permission, I would like to find out if I need to submit it for app review or can the judges use the app in development mode?


  • Manager   •   over 5 years ago

    Hi Harry,

    Good question. The administrators can use development mode. Please invite testing@devpost.com to be a Test User and include any URLs or steps for accessing the app in your Testing Instructions field on the Devpost submission form. We need to have access at least through the regional winner announcement.

    All the best,

  •   •   over 5 years ago

    The facebook testing is requesting for fbid or username to be added as a tester. I'm getting an error saying "testing@devpost.com does not resolve to a valid user ID"

  • Manager   •   over 5 years ago

    Hmm. Try adding this username instead of the email: stef.devpost.1

    Let me know if that works. If not, I'll have to do a little troubleshooting on my side.

  •   •   over 5 years ago

    Thanks, it worked, so does this mean any of the judges can log in into my app as a test user?

  • Manager   •   over 5 years ago

    Currently, it means that I can log in and test it. This is sufficient for the time being. The judges will primarily use your demo video to see the software functioning and we will use the testing access as a backup. If anyone else requests to test it for the hackathon, either they can use the stef.devpost login OR we would ask you provision another test user. For now, allowing access to Devpost is sufficient for the initial deadline.


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