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Use of public figures in community-driven content?

In the rules, it states:

"If any part of an Entrant’s Entrant Content depicts, identifies, or includes any person that is not Entrant him- or herself or, for a Team Entrant, a member of the Team, Entrant must have all permissions and rights from the individual depicted, identified, or included (and, if such individual is a minor, his/her parent or legal guardian) and agrees to provide Sponsor with written confirmation of those permissions and rights upon request."

Does this apply to public figures such as elected politicians, or would use of their likeness be considered public domain content as the origin of any photos/descriptions/quotes would be from government content?


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    Hey! Can you email me with a little more info on where and how you'd be using it so I can better answer that? stefanie @ devpost . com

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    Thanks - will do.

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