•   over 5 years ago

Issue with APP ID

Hi, I have used react-native, reactjs and watchman for my project. So what should I fill for APP ID which they are asking in the google forms in email and in the submission.



  • Manager   •   over 5 years ago

    Good question! We're following up and will let you know.


  •   •   over 5 years ago

    Any updates?

  • Manager   •   over 5 years ago

    Yes, you don't need to provide an ID since you don't have one. I'll make a note of this for Facebook.


  •   •   over 5 years ago

    Hi Stefanie, but it was necessary to provide APP ID during submission. So what I did was that just made one in the Facebook Developer Console with the same name and added the testing URL with it. Is it okay?

  • Manager   •   over 5 years ago

    Yes that's fine - thanks for following up and apologies for the confusion!

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